• The Time We Forgot Clothes

There are certain times in life when things happen and you just have to laugh at them….. even when they are ridiculously stressful. Michael and I experienced one of those situations this past weekend and I figured Monday morning would be the PERFECT time to share our story! As you’re reading this, we are on our way home from Wisconsin. We had the most wonderful time shooting my sweet cousin’s wedding and celebrating with the family! However, late Friday afternoon, we weren’t having such a wonderful time. It was actually quite stressful. You see, my cousin Paige grew up going to Spread Eagle Lake in the summer

and so she decided to have her wedding there! We’ve been there several times and that part of Wisconsin is beautiful… but there’s nothing there but nature, water and a Walmart. It’s a small town, cute as can be but there isn’t a mall or a downtown with boutiques. Keep that last sentence in mind as I continue my story.

It was Friday evening and Michael and I had just woken up from a nap since we had been up since 3:45am to catch our 6am flight. My dad made the journey with us and he had come up to our room because we only had an hour until the rehearsal dinner. As I opened the suitcase, I casually asked Michael “Oh hey, where did you put our dress clothes?”.  He paused for a minute and then he answered, “They’re not here.” “What exactly do you mean?” I said.  “Katelyn I’m so sorry but they’re not here, they’re in the closet.”.  “You mean they’re in THIS closet, right?” I said as I pointed across the hotel room.  “No” Michael replied, “They’re at home, in our closet, I forgot to grab them.”

Well, as you all might have imagined, I started freaking out…. sometimes when I freak out, I get really loud… and sometimes when I freak out, I get really quiet.  This was one of the times when I got really quiet. I was freaking out silently. WE DIDN’T HAVE OUR DRESS CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael and I were BOTH missing our clothes for the rehearsal dinner AND our clothes to shoot the wedding in. Not only were the clothes missing, my necklaces were hanging with their coordinating dresses!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Ok, and now, just so that you get the full picture, remember what I mentioned earlier… we were in the MIDDLE of NOWHERE! ….. With an HOUR to fix this!

As I silently freaked out and prayed that this Walmart had more than just camo sweatpants, Michael called to see if there was a mall. Well, there wasn’t a MALL, but there was a JCPenney.  We ran out of the hotel and rushed to the store. We arrived and there were about 3 cars in the parking lot and I was losing hope. What if this was just a “Catalog” store?! What if they were closed?! What if I have to wear camo sweatpants to a WEDDING?!! We walked inside and I was instantly relieved to find that there was a whole dress section and we had an hour before they closed. We each threw together two outfits and headed to rehearsal dinner so that Daddy could say the blessing before dinner! WHEW! Talk about a whirlwind!!

It wasn’t just Michael’s fault… I should have double checked the suitcase… it was 3am in the morning after all!! Luckily we were able to find something to wear and no one even knew about the whole incident until we told them!!! So lesson learned… always pack clothes for destination weddings :) …  It’s as simple as that! Ha! I can’t believe this happened AND I can’t believe we actually found something to wear in this sleepy town!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful monday and get SO excited to see these two on the blog TOMORROW!! Yay!


xoxo, Katelyn
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