Gayton Baptist Church

  • Jazz Nativity 2012

and I were engaged and trying to figure out where we were supposed to live and what church we were supposed to get involved in, I had one hope….. PLEASE dear Lord let whatever church we find have great music!! That’s a big deal to me. I just wanted to go to a church where contemporary music was played and oh my goodness did He deliver! Gayton’s music on Sunday morning is wonderful… but when I went to my first Jazz Nativity practice back in 2010… I was BLOWN AWAY. I immediately called my parents and insisted that they needed to get their tickets NOW.  Well, they purchased tickets…

and then they purchased MORE tickets. I think I had family members at EVERY show that year! That’s how AMAZING these musicians are. It’s just unbelievable that this amount of talent is in one church!! And it’s MY church! (I’m so proud, can you tell:).  I wish I had a beautiful video made up for you but I guess you’ll just have to COME next year in order to hear this incredible show! :) Enjoy some images from the 5 shows this weekend!!

I look like I’m about to back slap someone…. that just tends to happen when the high notes are coming!

Starbucks sponsors this event and half the proceeds go to our cause, Feed My Starving Children. We ended up raising over $20,000!

You have to have a little comedy in the mix somewhere!

Charlie Brown :)

It was a full house for all five shows!

“Linus” …. so cute!

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