• Jason + Jennifer Part II

…the clouds would roll in, the skies became dark and the nightly tropical thunderstorm would come rolling through. It made me a little nervous. Of course, as always, Saturday came and the skies were crystal clear. I should have known that the wedding day would be perfect.  After the reception and portraits, Jason and Jen MADE MY WHOLE WEEK and opted to get in the water! In Jamaica! With awesome light! I was just beside myself!! Other couples that were married that same day were taking portraits on the dock right beside us and I immediately became the most prideful photographer ever. Yea, my clients are IN THE WATER! They’re pretty much the coolest newlyweds at the whole resort!!

As Jessie and I entered the water, cameras held high above our heads, I squealed! We were taking bridal portraits, up to our elbows in the tropical waters of Jamaica! How much cooler does it get?! I left that day feeling so relieved. Relieved that it didn’t rain, relieved that I didn’t drop my camera, relieved that we had shot some amazing shots and so so relieved that Jennifer and Jason had experienced such an awesome portrait session on their wedding day! With family and friends watching from the sidelines, their portrait session will be a wedding day moment that they will never forget!


Jason and Jennifer, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be apart of your amazing day! You openly welcomed Jessie and I into your intimate wedding celebration and we enjoyed every minute of it! THANK YOU for giving us such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to show you all of your tropical wedding pictures! Congratulations on your new life together!!!

awwww you guyssss….

Work it girl!

So while we were waiting for Jason to change… I started snapping away! You can never have too many bridal portraits, right?!

Oh here come the fun ones!!!

oh goodness I love this one!

ah!!!! Ok, Just imagine me, pale as can be, holding my camera about 10 inches above the water with one hand and trying to hold my dress up with the other! So unattractive!

I don’t know about you… but that water looks TEAL to me! Jamaica loves me!

What a perfect shot to end on! I hope you all enjoyed a little peek of Jamaica!! Jason and Jennifer, congrats again!!!

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