• Jason + Jennifer | Part I

When I first received Jennifer’s email, I thought it was a joke. There’s no way I could be photographing a wedding in Jamaica! What a dream! This was a goal of mine that was on the bottom of the list because really, destination weddings are hard to come by, especially when you’ve only been in business for 2 years! Jennifer and I emailed back and worth and finally set up a time to meet. I loved her. Absolutely loved her. She just wanted to be married and nothing else really mattered. The thought of intense planning and inviting a ton of guests wasn’t what she had in mind. A destination wedding was the PERFECT option! Jason and Jennifer had their immediate families and close friends at their intimate Jamaican wedding at…

the Royal Caribbean Sandals Resort. They flew in a few days before and literally just vacationed together until the wedding on Saturday! It was beautiful. The location, the light, the couple. The only thing that could have made this trip better was if Michael was with me! (Next trip!:)  My good friend Jessie Smith accompanied me and she’s such a wonderful travel partner! She puts up with me chasing peacocks, missing shuttles and all my other quirky things that I do. I loved having her there and having someone else to share this awesome experience with! So enjoy some of my favorites and be on the lookout for part II! If you have a favorite, add it to your DesignBook!!



Ummm…. HELLLLO gorgeous, fun, fluffy, feathery dress!!! I LOVE you!

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you…. this Part I… it’s basically a bridal session! We couldn’t stop taking pics of that dress!

No words. ….. Actually I do have quite a few words about this one! I love it! Jen, you’re gorgeous and you made our job so easy and all the fluffies (is that a word?) in your dress made for amazing shots!

Ceremony location. No. Big. Deal.


Ohhh the Daddy-Daughter dances get me every time!

AH! Peacocks!!!!! They just walked around everywhere!

Ok, this shot took literally 10 seconds max. We were walking… I was walking backwards (scary) and I saw good light and so we stopped for ONE SHOT! Just one! Shots like these add so much to the overall wedding day.  No other shot looked like this one and it was just a matter of stopping, kissing and snapping!

Part II is coming and believe me…. it’s FUN!

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