February 2013

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post used to be so in depth. I think I have slowly made them less intricate because if I write fewer goals, the less I have to live up to! If I’m REALLY being honest, sometimes I don’t even remember the goals that I blog about until a month goes by and it’s time to write new goals. YIKES! That’s NOT how it’s supposed to work. Luckily, I’ve accomplished a lot in January 2013 and I’m feeling good about this new year. Ok, so while I may not have accomplished the goals that I blogged at the beginning of last month, we HAVE had a productive 4 weeks.

This past month has been quite a whirlwind. It was our first month working together and it couldn’t have flown by faster. Each day I wonder “How did I do all of this by myself?!”  We’re staying busy and we’re getting stuff done. Here’s a look at what we accomplished in January 2013:

– Shot a double header in two different states

– Saw J&M in DC and then hosted Showit Global SHARE

– 2 Checkup Sessions and 3 Coaching Sessions

– One Engagement shoot and One “Just Married” shoot

– Hosted a Bridal Spa Day for my 2012 brides and sent out gifts to those that couldn’t attend.

– Started going back to the Gym! Proud of me?!

– Had some great dinners with some awesome friends! Love catching up in the off season!

– Launched a brand new blog and a mini-rebrand!

– Launched a brand new website!

– Hosted two shows for ShowitLIVE

– Michael sold $2,000 worth of old equipment that we didn’t need anymore! Yea!!!!

– Hashed out our new schedule, new goals, and new business roles

– Had new hardwood floors installed in our current living room and hallway

– Started building a new house

– Designed “Bokeh the Bichpoo’s” first year book and ordered it! :)

No wonder we’re just now feeling like we’re slowing down a bit. We’re slowing down JUST in time for another workshop! That brings me to what we’re looking forward to this February! :

– The 2013 Spring Workshop Experience.. coming THIS friday!! Woohoo!

UNITED! I have the opportunity to speak in a few weeks to some fellow Showiteers and I’m SO excited and honored!

– 2 Coaching sessions!

– Valentines Day!

– Pentatonix concert!!!

– More house updates!!

The next month is wedding-free. This is kind of strange for me! We’re really trying to continue our “down time” because once April hits, it’s non-stop! This is our time to make stuff HAPPEN and get organized for 2013. So here are some February 2013 goals:

– Continue to get to the gym 3x a week and walk Bokeh on the days we don’t go.

– Like usual, work on the bridal guide… actually, I now have a DEADLINE for this project because it just isn’t getting done. Fingers crossed!!

– Host a fabulous, informative, & inspiring workshop this week!

– Book two 2014 weddings

– Start looking at paint colors and light fixtures

– Submit my remaining 2012 weddings that need to be published

– Prep for UNITED and the WPPI Mini-workshop in March!

– Groom Bokeh

Here’s to February!!! And ps. for those of you that are RSS readers, we’re working getting the little issue fixed! :)

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