A Bride and Groom Shower

  • A Bride and Groom Shower

… to feel more and more real! 10.10.10 has seemed so long away this whole year… until this summer. With less than two months to go, we are scrambling. We’re trying to get home improvement projects done…. now on TWO houses and we’re still planning details and working with vendors. It’s coming together! With every little step, it is feeling more and more real! Last night, some of our closest family friends got together and threw us a Bride and Groom shower. It was wonderful!!! Church friends that we have known our whole lives came together to celebrate and shower us with gifts! Talk about fun!!!

I LOVED seeing everyone and having Michael there with me to open gifts! That’s so much better than being by yourself! I will definitely remember that when it’s my turn to plan showers. Bride and Groom showers are the way to go and Michael loved getting to be a part of it!  We received so many nice things but best part about the whole evening was just being with our friends.  We are so thankful for this special part of our life. Sparta and Salem will always be home to us. This is where we grew up!  Our church family IS our family and we adore them. Thank you Kim, Gayle, Caroline, Laura, Anna, Jan, Debbie, Sylvia…etc! I don’t even know everyone that helped out with shower but it was beautiful! Kim and Gayle, thank you so so much.  Michael and I love you both to pieces and this shower meant so much to us! THANK YOU!!!!!

I only took a few of these! My sister took some pictures with my camera and I was so impressed! Thanks Emy!!

Prom! ….. Our 4th prom! I made Michael come back from college to go to my Junior and Senior prom!

Oh dear, the awkward years.

Haha! We look so little! And look at those BANGS!

Thanks Anna and Caroline for being in charge!!!

HUGE toaster oven!


10-10-10 Fertilizer! hahaha

I get excited about pillows!!!

Thanks for the pics Emy!:)

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