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Well I had a different post on the “blogging calendar” for today. For some, it may have been more exciting than what I’m about to share but I know deep down that this is more important. I mean, if I CHANGE the blogging calendar, you KNOW it’s for a good reason because that doesn’t happen often! :) So Michael and I are in Santa Barbara, CA for the UNITED conference and it’s just amazing. Amazing people, amazing food, amazing views, amazing classes… but what is TRULY amazing to me is how God uses relationships and connections to change people’s lives.

For those that are reading and are thinking “Oh no, Katelyn’s about to PREACH”. I’m not. The goal of this post isn’t to give you a sermon…. it’s simply a post to explain that my business is not my own. I have been reminded of that more this week than ever before.  We’re doing some awesome things over here on the west coast. Today I get to speak to a bunch of friends from ALL over the country and next week I’m speaking at WPPI …. These are amazing things… things that I never expected… things that I actually never asked for. I’ll be the first to admit that speaking and teaching and sharing wasn’t on my radar when I first started this business. Shooting over 40 weddings a year wasn’t on my radar when I started either. I just simply wanted to be creative and I wanted to be my own boss….. and what has come from those two small desires is absolutely ridiculous…. and it’s not because of me.

I have prayed for 6 years that God would use me and use this business for His purpose.  And if I’m going to be REALLY vulnerable… I have to admit that it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I really started to understand what that meant. Asking God to have His way with your business is probably one of the most humbling and terrifying thing a business owner can do. As an entrepreneur, I like having control…and telling the God of the Universe that my business is His and he can do what he wants with it is SCARY. Saying that means that I have to be ok if God closes doors and never opens any others. Handing my plans and my goals and my ideas over to God means that some of them may not happen….. but let me say this. I want MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE to be running a business that God is using…. because a business that God ISN’T using is simply that… a BUSINESS. Nothing else.

So as scary as it is to daily hand over our lives to our Lord…. it’s also the most freeing aspect of our lives. Michael and I are so thankful for what God is doing in our business… and we want more than anything for those who are watching us to see that this business isn’t ours. I mean, we run it, we’re the “face” of it and we click the shutter and take pretty pictures but this business is God’s… and it always has been. He determines our steps and what’s next for us. I know it sounds crazy but we don’t have a business plan for the next 5-10 years. Sure, we like to dream and we set some goals but ultimately, our future is up to Him!  As we do these exciting things the next two weeks, we’re reminding ourselves of this constantly…. and for some reason, I felt like I needed to tell all of you as well! I don’t know what you believe or what you’re living for… but I do know this, God desires to have a place in your life. He desires to give you peace and clarity and purpose … and everyone deserves to know that. :)

So I hope all of you have an amazing day. Go live with purpose and passion!! I’m off to practice my talk! AH! Wish me luck!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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