• Happy Birthday Michael!

It’s Michael’s 31st Birthday and I have to admit that it snuck up on me!! We’ve had a REALLY busy last couple of weeks and the busy continues this week as we head to Italy for a wedding! This year started off a little scary. I was diagnosed with an aggressive hand tumor and went into emergency surgery while 9 months pregnant. We moved into our new house 12 days before that surgery, and we were up to our necks in doctors appointments.

When I think about that season I remember being scared, but I also vividly remember being side by side with Michael. He never missed ONE APPOINTMENT. He took me to every OB appointment, every high-risk appointment, every orthopedic appointment, every oncology hand specialist appointment, my ultrasounds, my MRI, my surgery & my trip to the ER. He even went with me to my gestational diabetes nutrition class that was over 2 hours long. He also signed us up for Bradley Classes and made sure that we made that happen. He brought me ice packs, drove to find a 24hr CVS pharmacy that would fill my emergency pain killer prescription when my pain was at its’ worst. He changed our diet and bought new groceries when we found out that I couldn’t have sugar anymore. He pricked my finger in the morning when I couldn’t use my right hand to check my blood sugar because of my tumor. He prayed with me when I had meltdowns and was overwhelmed. Last but not least, he was the one holding my hand during contractions that lasted for hours before I delivered Evy. He prayed with me when I was feeling like I couldn’t keep going and was ready for a c-section, and then 30 mins later was the one who handed our little girl to me. He’s also the one who got up with me in the middle of the night when Evy needed to nurse during the first two weeks, and let me cry when I wasn’t feeling like myself those first few days.

People said “Katelyn you have had quite a hard season!” but the truth is that WE have had a hard season. Before Evy was born wasn’t just a hard season for me, it was hard for Michael too. Through it all, he made me feel safe and cared for. I wasn’t always an easy patient. I wasn’t always joyful, and I didn’t always see the glass half full. He’s the one that sees that side of me when the rest of the world sees the “bubbly” version of Katelyn. I’m so thankful that he loves me unconditionally. I know that I’m a very lucky girl. Not only did I marry my high school sweetheart, I also married a very patient, handsome, and giving man who would do anything for me. Our marriage was tested and put through a lot this year, and yet I feel like I’m closer to him than I ever have in the past.

The last 11 weeks have been some of the best of my life. I think Michael would agree that even though we’re a little tired, this season of life is our favorite. Hands down. Michael is the most amazing dad to Evy. We’re so blessed that he’s ours!! Today he’s turning 31, and I just want him to know how much he’s loved!!! Happy Birthday Michael!! Your girls love you!!!!!!

PS. Evy has his smile and I’m thankful that I get two of those beautiful, wide smiles in my life!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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