• It's a Contest!... A Big One!!

I don’t do many contests on my blog. Some people have a contest like EVERYDAY! …not me. I think that’s because I’m not a competitive person and so I don’t even think about having contests!!!  I don’t like competition at ALL… my sister got all of the competitive genes in our family. I was the cheerleader….. with pom poms and everything. So even though I’m not a huge fan of contests in my own life, I still think there needs to be a contest today on the blog!! Here’s the deal….I’m hosting a workshop in a little over a month and I’m SO excited about it!  If you missed “The Workshop Experience” announcement

you can view it HERE!  So today, I’m hosting a little contest and the WINNER will receive a FREE workshop seat!!!! Yes! I said FREE!!!! This is going to be exciting!! Here are the rules:



If you’re interested in coming to the workshop, tell me about WHY you want to come!! I want to hear about how this workshop would help you and your business right now! Share some of your story and your  journey into photography! Paint a picture of where you are now and where you want to go with your business in the future!!  I’m all about telling YOUR STORY! I love reading and hearing about other’s adventures in this crazy industry and so I’m going to ask you to share it! Here are the instructions:



1. BLOG your story (Or post it on your fanpage if you don’t have a blog).  Share why this workshop would be a HUGE help to your business and give us a little background about how you have gotten to where you are today! Share YOUR story!  (Deadline is tomorrow night at 10pm EST)


2. Announce your blog post via facebook and twitter (if you have one) using #theworkshopexperience


3. Leave a comment with a link that lets me know where I can find your story!! 



** The Winner will be announced on Thursday!!  Good luck!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!**

And because a post is ALWAYS more fun with a picture….here’s a favorite from The Workshop Experience last fall!

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