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2nd wedding anniversary! Brooke and Jason were married two years ago and they celebrated with a portrait session! Of course I think that’s the perfect thing to do! Every couple needs good pictures of themselves every now and then to remember the different stages of their life together. I hope that once Michael and I are married, we’ll continue to make time to get our pictures done! Everyone should consider an anniversary  session and here are a couple reasons why: 1. It’s a fun date! Really! It’s a time to be together and guys, it’s painless, promise! and  2. You will have images that truly capture the both of you during this time of your life!  This may sound like

something that can wait and shouldn’t be high on the priority list but I disagree. I’m sure some of you blog readers are married and would agree with me that you wish you would have had portraits done a couple of years after your married! After all, you can’t have wedding portraits on EVERY single wall in the house!!!  Anyway, I loved my time with Brooke and Jason. I’ve known Jason for a while but had the privilege of meeting Brooke during sweet Avery’s session last year! They’re an awesome couple to work with.  Brooke was in some super cute but TALL heels and I made her walk in fields! I’m such a mean photographer! haha Those heels were sinking into the ground and she never complained. The had awesome light and the most AMAZING locations! I can’t wait to show you the rest!!… So here they are!!! Enjoy!

Girl, you’ve got some great hair!!!

Oh don’t be fooled and think, “Aw, cute horse, I love horses”. No, this guy is a BITER! We heard before shooting here that he was trouble and so during our shots in the barn, Jason looks at me and yells “WATCH YOUR BACK”! That booger almost got me! ….. but it made for a good story:)


xoxo, Katelyn
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