• Unconditional Love

how long I’ve been away…. It doesn’t matter how long he’s been bored in his crate because I was out running errands all day…. It doesn’t matter that sometimes I’m not in the mood to play fetch and throw Mr. Polar Bear across the room 10,000 times. … it doesn’t matter.  He holds nothing against me.  He just LOVES me. No matter what, Bokeh makes me feel like I’m the GREATEST person alive every time I walk into the kitchen.  He just LOVES…. unconditionally. Who knew you could learn so much from a PUPPY?! If I could love like Bokeh loves….

I would be SUCH a better person….a more Godly woman…. a greater friend… a more loving wife. If I could learn to just look at the people in my life like Bokeh does…. my heart would be so FREE! There is something so pure and simple about Bokeh’s love for Michael and I… and if you’re a dog person (which we officially ARE now:)…. you understand what I’m talking about.  He loves us SO much….no matter how mean we can be… no matter how long we’re away from him…. he’s ALWAYS ready for us to come back home so that he can love us some more.


Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like this could be an analogy to something bigger? Yes. There is a MUCH bigger picture being painted here….. this is how God views US… all of us. I don’t care what your background is or where you’ve been or what you’ve done or how long you’ve turned away, the Lord is just waiting for us to come home to Him.  He’s waiting for us to come home so that He can show us how much He loves us.  He may not do that in the form of tail wags and wet puppy kisses but the idea is the same.  There’s nothing we can do to make him turn away. Nothing. It doesn’t matter.  The GRACE and LOVE that we feel from Bokeh everyday is just a small reminder of the unconditional love and grace of God that is available to us. It’s a beautiful thing to be loved despite your failures and shortcomings. Today, I’m thankful for GRACE… for unconditional LOVE… and for a fluffy puppy that reminds me of the stuff that actually MATTERS in life!! Have an amazing weekend everyone.

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