Today was just another Friday… except that it was 6 years and 6 months for Michael and I!  Michael came home for Easter weekend and I thought it was going to be a normal visit.  We’d go out to dinner, hang out with old friends and then it would be Sunday afternoon and he would hit the road back to N.C..  That was not the case this visit.  You see, Michael LOVES surprises and I LOVE that he LOVES surprises!  I’ve tried several times to surprise him on anniversaries or with gifts and it just doesn’t go well.  He always guesses the surprise or I always end up telling him and it’s blown.  I’ve accepted the fact that “surprises” aren’t my thing and Michael has realized he is rather good at them.  So it wasn’t a surprise when he mentioned that he would like to steal me away from my busy schedule for a couple of hours on Friday.  However, it was a surprise when he walked me into a SPA in CityCenter and told me we were getting an hour long massage! A real massage!

Like I said, I’m spoiled.  I’m constantly amazed at how he loves me and I know I’m a lucky girl. I’m not a lucky girl because of what he plans or what he buys me, I’m lucky because I’m in a relationship with my best friend.  I’m so thankful for him and can only hope to love him 1/2 as well as he loves me.

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