• Grab a Kleenex!

Welp, I was fully prepared to NOT blog today. We’re shooting a wedding today and so I was going to give myself the day off…. and then I woke up this morning and Michael handed me his phone to watch a video. Sometimes he does this and the videos are funny…but I end up wishing I had just 5 more minutes of sleep. :) This video on the other hand… well, I’ll just let you watch it and see for yourself. It’s priceless. Today we’re shooting a wedding for a couple who has been through so much already and they haven’t even begun their journey into marriage yet. This video is such a beautiful reminder of what marriage is supposed to look like. :)

Ladies, you may need to grab a kleenex or two… or maybe you’ll just need to go hug your husband, wrinkles and all. :) Michael I hope we live to see what 90 looks like on us!


xoxo, Katelyn
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