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of hot glue ALL OVER the kitchen counter by the time this little project was done! It was a mess. Luckily I was the only one home to witness my hot glue disastor and it was cleaned up before the parents returned! Did you know that if you leave the hot glue gun on accidently for 2 hours that it constantly drips hot glue all over the counter? Welp! It does! And I quickly learned to remember to unplug after using! Last week I showed you some fun hairpieces that I have photographed this summer! Now I want to show you ours!

I love hairpieces and so I wanted my bridesmaids to have some of their own! So instead of spending $18-$80 a piece on, I made them myself! SO EASY! It literally took about 45 minutes to make 8 of them!  There is nothing you can’t do with hot glue! (that ryhmes.) So I designed several different pieces so that the girls can pick which one they like! I cannot WAIT to see them on!! Soon enough! 101010 is coming fast! 70 some days! (I have SO much to do)

So even though I have been super busy lately and we have a ton of wedding stuff to accomplish, Michael and I have BIG NEWS to share that has to do with another area of our life! We are officially HOMEOWNERS!!! Woohoo! We are the proud owners of a little cape cod in Short Pump, VA and we couldn’t love it more. From the first time I stepped foot into this house, I adored it. It’s so perfect for us!! (It even came with a “Babbling Brook” in the backyard! … for real, it babbles.) I am going to have a studio style office upstairs… yes, a real OFFICE! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe any of this!! Today, after meeting with the closing attorney, Michael and I got into our cars  and headed towards the house.  As I was driving I couldn’t help but tear up a little and just praise the Lord that the timing of our lives is in His mighty hands.  Seriously, I’m the most impatient girl in the whole world and 8 months ago, I was ready to buy a house in Newport News…. because I just  knewwwww we were going to live there! After we got engaged I wanted a finalized plan of where we would live, where Michael would work and what our entire life would look like…. and I wanted to know right then!  Like I said, I’m impatient and I have found this year that I have an incredibly hard time trusting the Lord.  Well, once again, He has shown us that His plan is far greater than ours and if we will only wait on Him and learn to trust… and I mean realllly trust,  He’ll direct our paths.  Those aren’t my words, they’re His!


Needless to say, Michael and I are so thankful for our new home and did I mention that we’re excited?!!!!!!!  If you know me, you can probably imagine the high-pitched squeals that could be heard all over Shortpump today when we stepped into “Our” new home for the first time.  I didn’t want to leave! Michael will be living there until 10.10.10 and then I’ll be moving in! Can’t WAIT! Here it is!!!!!!   (ps. that is my “I’m so excited I don’t care that I’m cheesin’ too hard” face)

xoxo, Katelyn
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