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…done a Bridal Show before.  I had heard of them and had considered looking into doing one but had never actually signed up.  I was invited to be a part of the Greater VA Bridal show back in May and a agreed to set up a booth. It was fun displaying canvases and albums but to be honest, bridal shows and advertising are not the way my business works. My blog is my advertisment and my relationships with my clients are how I get future business.  I hated meeting a bride at the show, handing her a postcard and after 10 seconds of talking to her, she would walk away to the next booth. That is just how it goes at a bridal show…

I left the show that day wondering if all of my time and effort was worth it. Well, it was… all because of Emily. I met Emily at the show and we later met at Panera to talk about wedding details and I just love her. She’s artsy, creative and living in Richmond! Perfect! I am so honored to be shooting their wedding in April!


We met outside downtown Richmond for their engagement session and we had an awesome overcast day to work with.  Overcast days can be a photographer’s dream. You don’t have to worry about harsh shadows and there is SO much more you can do! Emily and John made it SO easy for me. They are a beautiful couple and I can’t WAIT for their wedding portraits!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

Can you just imagine her as a bride?! Oh. My. Gosh! Get excited for their wedding in April!


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