I knew It!

  • Snow Storm Saturn

I knew we would have one more snow!! The snow critics kept saying “No way, it’s totally missing us” but deep down I had some hope! Yesterday morning we woke up to several inches and the snow just continued throughout the day! It was beautiful! I could work and watch snow falling EVERYDAY! The crazy thing that I’m realizing this year is that all of these big storms now have NAMES?! What? Snow storm “Saturn”. First of all, who decided to start naming snowstorms and WHY would they pick “Saturn” after we just had a “Sandy”?! Give us a little variety here!

Sometimes I feel like the people at the weather channel get bored when nothing crazy is happening and they come up with these things to fill their time! (I hope no meteorologists check the blog… I probably just offended someone!) While some don’t appreciate the snow, us Alsop’s love it! …. Even Bokeh boy! He took a few adventures into the snow yesterday morning and immediately became a wet mess of a puppy! But the pics were worth it! So if you’re in the VA area or north of us and you were hammered with some white stuff, stay safe and warm and enjoy the day off!!! :):)

He was sniffing out all this white stuff. He has never been in the snow WHILE it’s still snowing:) 


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