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a good guest post!! Why? Because it’s REFRESHING to hear from someone other than ME sometimes!! I love blogging but when you’re away for a week and you know that one of your favorite vendors has some GREAT information to share with your readers, you jump at the chance for a guest post!! Amanda and I have been friends for a couple of years now and I’m seriously SO grateful for this girl!! Her talent is unreal and her passion for her business inspiring! She specializes in wedding and floral design and owns Anthomanic, located up in Stafford, VA.

Her work caught my eye several years ago and I have jumped at the chance to work with her ever since!! Amanda and I actually just had a coaching session together and I was really impacted by some things she shared. She explained that it is VERY RARE to have her work WELL documented from a wedding day. This just makes me SAD! Her bouquets are just amazing…. it’s EASY to get a great shot of them!! So what’s the deal? Why aren’t photographers getting great images to her?? I think the main reason is because most photographers don’t understand just how much these shots matter and what they can mean for their business!! Imagine having images ALL OVER your favorite floral stylist’s pricing guide… how amazing would that be?! Imagine having your images almost life sized in their shop/studio!! …. Well this only happens if you make it a priority to really shoot their work well AND you have to share the files in a timely manner! This is one of the most powerful ways to market your business and network with vendors that you adore!!

So as much as I want to share about what I think you should shoot for your florist, I think it would be better if I had Amanda explained a little bit about what she’s looking for from the photographers she working with! So enjoy this snippet of great info and tips from Amanda Veronee from Anthomanic!! :

“I just love getting lots of beautiful images to share on our social media and website from the wedding photographer! It really has helped me grow my business by sharing such gorgeous images. How else would I show my work as a florist?! I’m only iPhone Instagram efficient! There are sometimes, though, when the photography doesn’t do the flowers any justice. For example: the wedding photographer sends me a total of four images of the flowers. One of the bride with her parents and an out of focus bouquet, a closeup shot of the bouquet, a wide shot of the whole ceremony, and a closeup shot of the centerpieces. Yes, this happens to me more than I’d like to admit – and on some of our most beautiful weddings! Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the flowers aren’t the main focus of the day. BUT, keep in mind, brides love having lots and lots of images from their big day to capture the essence and atmosphere of the day, and show off all their hard work (not to mention the money spent!). The decor that a bride spends months planning are important to her. Not only is she going to love having the images of her details, but the floral designer will too! If the florist is posting images of your work and crediting you, it only increases the chance of referrals from fellow vendors. The photographers I remember mainly are the ones I have images from that I share on our social media channels and website (because I tag them so often too!). WIN WIN! So, from a recent bride and wedding floral designer’s perspective, I’ve got some tips to help you be best friends with not only that particular wedding florist, but have beautiful images for your client’s gallery!! 

Here is a list of some image types that I just love having from a wedding, and other tips that work great when shooting the florals:”

  • The bride’s bouquet will always have a better side. Turn the bouquet around until you see a good angle. If you aren’t sure, pick the side that appears to have most of the expensive flowers concentrated!
  • Make sure that when photographing the bouquets, that the bouquet top is angled towards your camera to get the bulk of the flowers in the picture!
  • Numerous horizontal and vertical images of the bride’s bouquet by itself in different locations (try laying it on a coordinating/contrasting chair!).
  •  Overall tablescape/centerpiece shot with the linens and other table decor (a finished setup, before purses arrive!)
  • Closeup shot of centerpiece that also shows the flowers and the container without all the table items (but zoomed out enough to fit the entire centerpiece in the frame)
  • Don’t forget other flower details like mantles, cake floral, entry table floral, altar florals.
  • A horizontal, closeup shot of the bride and some of her bridal party (this shows the overall color scheme!)
  •  A shot of the bride and bridesmaids holding their bouquets
  • Shots of the bride alone with her bouquet
  • Shots of the bride and groom with her bouquet
  • Boutonniere shots (try styling it with an invitation suite! this is my favorite!)
  • Closeup of bridesmaid bouquet, with bridesmaid gown in background
  • Overall pergola or arbor setup (with no bride and groom in the image)
  • Bride and groom framed in pergola/arbor/other ceremony space (hopefully with nobody else in the image as distraction)
  • Having numerous vertical and horizontal images for the floral designer to share, just means the images will be shared even more (just make sure, of course, that you have the florist credit you anywhere the images are used!).
  • Encourage the floral designer (or other vendors) to share the uncropped/unfiltered images on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram along with your business info! 

I absolutely love Shoot & Share photographers (photographers that share their digital files), and I appreciate the value they add to my business! I hope this helps!!!

xoxoxo,  Amanda

And here are some of my FAVORITES of Amanda’s work that I’ve had the honor of shooting over the years!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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