How to Cull a Full Wedding Day Within 24 HOURS of Shooting the Wedding
  • How I cull in 24hrs post-wedding!!

Try to envision this with me…. You just finished photographing a wedding…. Your feet are throbbing. Your back aches a little. You have to pack the car and drive home and you’re going to need some coffee to stay awake. You get home. Maybe you have kids who missed you or a 9-5 job waiting for you Monday morning. And you have THOUSANDS OF IMAGES TO CULL.

What normally happens? Well, this is what I hear from most photography students who haven’t taken our Consistency Course.


Does it really take a week to cull? No.

Could it be that this poorly planned part of your workflow that is full of procrastination is actually one of the very reasons you can’t stay on top of your editing and blogging??

Very possible!

Well, let me just say… I get it. I have two kids under 3 and an education side of our business to run and I understand how hard it is to complete your culling post-wedding…..

But I ALWAYS get it done in 24hrs. How do I do it?!

How do I do it?! Well, I have great news! I’m sharing 5 Tips and Tricks for 24hr Culling on Youtube today!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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