• The New House

to think that I was productive…. until I saw the construction of a new house. While I’m spending two hours on email, the workers on our house site are putting up the second floor of our house. While I conquered a week’s worth of little to-do’s, our whole HOUSE was framed. Crazy right?! Those guys are FAST. Michael and I are amazed at how organized the process is. As soon as one phase is complete, the next shipment of supplies is dropped off that evening for the next phase. What used to be a pile of dirt is now a framed outline of our home! It’s wild to drive up everyday and find a dramatic new addition to the project. Today they are finishing

off the second floor and then it will be time for the roof! WHAT?! It doesn’t even seem real! We had been told that this phase would fly by and it really is.  The more they build, the more excited I am to move in! That technically won’t happen until June but I’m secretly hoping for May. :) It’s just so exciting!! Everyday I think of something new that I’m excited about…. yesterday, as I sat through traffic on Broad Street, I started getting excited about the fact that once we’re in the new house, I’ll never have to use that exit again! If you’re a short-pumper… you are really jealous of me right now. Broad street can be a nightmare most days! We’re technically moving into a new county but we’re still super close to the West End of Richmond. The next update I blog will include a finished frame and probably some siding and stone! Yea! Stone!! This isn’t a traditional Richmond style house…. it’s more of a “Craftsmen” style home. I can’t wait to show more!! Have a great Thursday everyone!!


This is Bokeh’s “I hate coming here because I never get to run around” face.

The foundation! 

Checking out his future domain:)

The walls are a risin’! 

AHHH!! Um, please excuse my attire… I can’t believe I’m blogging this.

The mommas… standing on our future front porch.

The official street sign! 

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