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week may win the “Most Random Weekly Blog Posts Ever” award. Seriously! Between McDonalds, Christmas decor and Bokeh, I’m sure some people are thinking “Wait… I thought this girl was a photographer“!  I am, but this is just one of those random blogging weeks where I’m just doing what I want! I’m in the mood for decorating ya’ll! Christmas is here and after Monday’s post I realized that I had ONE last “Before and After” post to share! I totally forgot about this little room! ….. That’s because it’s pretty forgettable. It’s one of those rooms that has a bunch of different titles and somehow seems to attract JUNK.

When we have people coming over and the island in the kitchen is covered in junk… it goes in THIS room.  If we bought too much at Costco and it won’t fit in the kitchen (because we don’t have a pantry)… it gets stuffed in this closet. When laundry doesn’t get folded right away… it gets throw on this bed. Needless to say, this room NEVER looks like this. The one day it was EVER this clean was the day I took these pictures. I’m just being honest! This is our “junk room”….. but even a “junk” room can be prettified!  You’ve heard me say before that we’re IKEA fans…. HUGE IKEA FANS! Why? Because as newlyweds, we were able to furnish our whole house with wedding money. Now, our guests will agree that this bed feels like you’re sleeping on cardboard but hey! It’s cute! We can always get a new matress!


This is called the “Study”…. but no one has EVER “studied” in it… I don’t think we’ve even used the DESK… but it’s a much needed room. We have a tiny house and while we love it, we desperately needed a room like this to catch all of our extra “stuff”.  We don’t have a pantry in our kitchen and so the closet in this room is our food pantry! And our bedroom closet only holds 2/3rds of my clothing and so Michael’s clothes are stored above the food in this little closet. Michael surprised me with a keyboard that I LOVE and so naturally it had to go in this room… along with all of our personal files and records that are stored in black filing folders on the shelves. Whew! You see, this room is a life saver! So it deserves a little blog love!! Enjoy a few “Before and Afters” of this baby space!  And ps. Please understand that I take ALL of my “home” pictures with the 24 1.4 lens… which means everything looks twice as big as reality because of the wide angle!! :)




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