• Dubrovnik, Croatia

CROATIA! When Michael first told me that this was one of the destinations for our cruise I thought to myself “Where in the world is CROATIA?!”  Well, we have come to find out that Croatia is home to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world! It’s gorgeous! We stopped in Dubrovnik, Croatia for an afternoon and to be honest, I was surprised! I have been excited about Venice and ATHENS (coming tomorrow!)… but Croatia hasn’t been on my list of “must sees”.  Well, now that I have had an official tour of Dubrovnik, Croatia, have walked its’ white stoned streets and have eaten more of it’s tasty gelati than I should have….

I can now advise all of YOU to put it on your “Must See” list! It was simply gorgeous and I just had to share some shots! Michael and I are having such an incredible time and we’re so thankful for a chance to RELAX! No to-do lists, no details to plan, no house to decorate (even though that is NOT considered a chore) and no work to be done. We are simply enjoying our honeymoon! Yay!

Loved this one! The shutters are kinda sorta TEAL! Don’t ya think??

I would have given anything to have a bride standing there in that corridor! Ah!

My husband will do just fine:)

A little Croatian kitty:)

Yea, we’ve eaten a lot of that…. a WHOLE lot.

Thank you to all the cute random ladies that want to take our pictures! We love you!

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