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WEDDING WEDNESDAY today! ….. GASP!!!! Isn’t that crazy?! I don’t think I’ve skipped a Wedding Wednesday since I started them! …. Maybe once or twice…. but this hardly EVER happens! I always have a wedding-ish something to share! Welp, this week I just couldn’t stand it anymore…. I HAD to show you what we’ve been working on since the wedding!  OUR HOUSE! Now I can’t give it all away in one post… we’ll do this room by room and for some of you… this is extremely boring and I understand that. HOWEVER…. some of you may recall that this blog is also my “digital scrapbook” of life! I don’t have time to scrapbook hundreds and hundreds of

memories…. so I blog them and wah-la!… they are documented! So of course I want to document the transformation of our FIRST HOME!


When we decided to start looking for homes we were extremely overwhelmed and had no idea what we were doing…ever heard of the show “Property Virgins”?…. We could have been on that show in a heartbeat. When we first found this cute little cape cod, our real estate agent, George, said the water pump was a little old and may need to be replaced… and I was thinking “What the heck is a waterpump?!”.  We needed some guidance and thanks to my dad, Michael’s dad and George….we bought our first home in July of 2010! Michael moved in a few months before the wedding and it looked like a man’s house. He was watching TV in lawn chairs…. he slept on an air mattress on the floor of our future bedroom and his clothes were everywhere. It was sad. (See the “Before” pics below and you’ll understand what I mean).  Our house was not a “happy” place. We needed some paint, we needed some COLOR and we needed LIGHT!…. The youth at church make fun of me because I literally have like 5 lamps in every room but I LOVE light… I can’t help it!


So, right before the wedding… Michael and I made a decision to have painters come and paint the house during our honeymoon. BEST. DECISION. EVER.  We came home to a freshly painted house and I got to hang stuff on the walls right away! I was in HEAVEN! Thanks to Wendy Kelly for helping us pick paint colors so quickly!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!  So the first room that is 100% DONE is our master bedroom. Here it is BEFORE… and please disregard Michael in the corner of all of the before shots… he was on the phone and wouldn’t move off of his pitiful little bed for me to take the picture!

Haha… oh Michael is going to hate that I’m posting these… it’s the only BEFORE pictures I have! ….wasn’t it a MESS?!

Oh yea and you see that bathtowel there on the door…. he still leaves his there….every morning:)

Anddddddd here is the AFTER!! Woohoo!

He has the “masculine” night stand and I have the “girly” version! Ps. Please disregard the pen on the floor on my side… obviously I haven’t written in my journal in a while.

My jewelry has a home!!! Finally!! (and all the necklaces that don’t match the room are hidden on a rack behind the bedroom door… I know, I’m weird like that.

Red is our accent color and so I tried to add a little hint of RED all over!

Pieces of our decor are from the wedding, from college, and from CRATE and BARREL!…best store in the world! ….(furniture is from IKEA… 2nd best store in the world!)

All of our prints in our bedroom are from the HONEYMOON!

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of “BEFORE and AFTERS”!!!! More to come!

xoxo, Katelyn
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