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Tis the season for roommate/friend pictures! It’s just that time of year.  My dear sister asked me a few months ago if she could bring ALL of her roommates down for a visit! … I thought this was a bit strange but then she asked “and can you take roommate pics?!!!” .  Ahh, it all made sense now! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED it. These girls are incredible.  I couldn’t be happier for Emy and her new house full of amazing friends. I secretly get a little sentimental when I see them together for two reasons. One, it reminds me of my house of girls! We’re sharing our last week together this week and I can’t help but tear up when I think of the amazing memories we’ve made together. The second reason I get a little emotional watching Emy and her friends is because I prayed so much for her during her freshman year. Virginia Tech is an incredibly overwhelming school and all I wanted was for Emy to find amazing girlfriends like I had found at CNU. Well, the Lord always knows what He’s doing and Emy is living with 5 fabulous girls next year! It’s going to be one CRAZY house!!!

Enjoy their roommate session in Hilton Village!

Haha! And theres a little bush I liked.

And then we found a little friend!

Yay! A jumping picture! Love you girls!

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