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This past week I met up with new friends that seemed like we knew them forever! Trevor and Alyssa came in from Michigan for their engagement session and it was just the most perfect day for a shoot! The trees still had leaves, the temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold, the light was gorgeous and the setting was so colorful! The reason these two seemed like friends who we had known forever was because Trevor is Tyler Herrinton’s brother!! If you know our good friend Tyler, you’ll be able to see the resemblance immediately!

You won’t believe this, especially after looking at their photos, but Alyssa shared that she was a little nervous beforehand.  I understand why. It’s such a huge unknown when you’ve never had your photos taken before. Thankfully, Alyssa was a natural. She didn’t know this about herself until she got in front of the camera but she’s so good at this! Trevor is too! It makes me so excited for their wedding!!! Michael and I feel so honored to be a part of a Herrinton family wedding!  Ty and Ash did the most amazing job filming my brother’s wedding and I hope I can do an equally amazing job for Trevor and Alyssa’s wedding day!! The pressure is on!!

Their shoot was downtown near Maymont Park but instead of going the stereotypical Maymont route, we decided to find some other locations close by. I loved this because I  have found that when I shoot in brand new locations, I tend to be more creative and more excited about what I’m shooting!! We didn’t need much! We used one street corner, one willow tree and  then took a quick walk under some beautiful oak trees that still had their leaves.  So enjoy some of my favorites and get excited because I have a feeling their wedding is going to be one of my favorites in 2020!!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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    What an adorable couple!! It’s nice to hear that the bride-to-be end up being a natural! She didn’t look nervous at all! Beautiful photos!

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