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everyday… unfortunately, they come in mass amounts and most of them are junk! However, every now and then I’ll find an email that makes the overflowing inbox worth it! Julie’s email was one of those emails! She was engaged, she has been following the blog since the INSPIRED DESIGNS days and she just couldn’t wait to book and make it official! That’s my kind of bride!!! So we did just that. We booked, we started talking about the wedding day and we scheduled an engagement session! Now I’ve shot on JMU’s campus a lot in the last year but EVERY TIME I seem to find a way to make it look totally different

and I think that’s because JMU’s Quad is just gorgeous! (But not as gorgeous as CNU’s!!! I have to say that, I’m biased:)  We met up in front of Wilson and made a loop around the Quad, finding little nook and crannies with great light and a ton of potential! Jason and Julie acted like pros… really. I’m not just saying that. My couples all seem to get their “modeling” faces on within 15 minutes of their session and my job is a breeze!


We walked and talked about them, their wedding, Julie’s amazing cooking skills and how they met. After some time on the Quad we headed downtown for some more urban locations! The weather was perfect and the dark clouds that were rolling in seemed to pass by us just at the right time. We ended the shoot and I announced “Guys! I think this was a success!”…. and it was. They have some gorgeous images and I loved getting to know them.. I only wish I didn’t have to wait a YEAR for their wedding!! So Jason and Julie, thanks for making the drive down and for being awesome!! I can’t wait to show you some of my favorites!!

GAHHH! Julie just stop it!!!

Ok, let me explain, I was switching lenses, took a test shot and this was it! I looked at it on the back of my camera and was like “Whoa! Guys!!! That was awesome!!!!” Jason nice model face! I’m impressed!

Julie you’re gorgeous!

so cute!

Love these!!! 

Julie you’re so cute!!

Oh hey giant chalkboard! We’ll use you! 

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