and Happy Friday!


Where the heck did this week GO?! Where did MARCH GO?! Man! I’m looking at my blogging calendar and thinking…I don’t even REMEMBER some of these days! They just flew by SO fast! It’s insane! So here we are. It’s Friday and we’re about to start a NEW MONTH and I realized that I just have a lot of ANNOUNCEMENTS to make…. so here’s the FIRST “HOUSEKEEPING” blog post! this post is simply a RECAPand a REMINDER of all that’s been going with Katelyn James Photography. Maybe I just feel the need to post this to keep MY LIFE sane and under control! I don’t know…. but what I DO know is that I have a lot of LITTLE things to announce!

So here’s the first order of business!


1. LOVE SHOTS CONTEST : If you didn’t already see, I’m hosting the LOVE SHOTS CONTEST again for ALL of my clients from Mid-February 2011- February 2012! Basically, they just have to have friends and family VOTE for their wedding and whoever has the MOST VOTES by Monday at 12pm wins a MASSIVE CANVAS! Here’s the announcement: I CHANGED THE RULES! THERE WILL NOW BE A 1st, 2nd. and 3rd place winner!! So KEEP VOTING and SHARING! Secondly, you HAVE to view the post through the Permalink (not open from the homepage) in order to view the “POLL” . Here’s the link! : Good luck couples!!



2. BLOG UPDATE:  If you have a blog, you know that I mean when I say that keeping a blog up and running is like having a small child. Really, it’s a living thing! We have been blessed the last 5 months with FAST loading and I’m praying it stays that way! However, it was LONG overdue for a little facelift! Some have asked “Where has the DesignBook gone” and my response is…. “It’s gone bye bye”. Really, Pinterest REPLACED the Designbook idea a long time ago and it was just time to move on! Now you can view my “Be Social” area on the top right hand side of the blog header! Thanks to the blog’s doctors over at Flosites for always helping me out!! So no more “Designbook”… we’re moving on to bigger and better things!


3. SOMETHING NEW is going to be offered for Photographers soon! So get excited!! I realize this is a vague announcement…. but I wanted to throw it out there!


4. THE WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE: Many are asking when the NEXT Workshop Experience will be and WHY haven’t I posted the styled shoot?! Well, it’s going to be featured somewhere * hopefully* and so we’re allowing that blog to have first dibs… but I’m showing you a little sneak peek here!!  The NEXT workshop will be in the fall of 2012.  It will be in November and it will most likely be on a Friday. So if you’re interested, be sure to signup to receive my newsletter to find out about it first! :

5. MY DOG’S BREED : I get asked this daily… he’s a little Bich-Poo… that’s a Bichon and a Poodle mixed but he’s an apricot color so yes, he looks like a golden doodle but he will only be 10 lbs!:)


6. FINALLY! I’m so excited to share these engagement images next week! Happy Friday everyone!!

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