• Celebrating Our Baby in Heaven

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since we met our sweet Baby James and also said goodbye to him. So much has happened and so much has changed. I gave birth to our third baby just 8 days ago and life is very full. Full of diapers, full of emotions and full of gratefulness. If you had told me on this day last year that I would be holding an 8 day old, healthy baby boy one year later, I wouldn’t have been able to believe it. But here we are, celebrating our sweet baby in heaven while holding a new baby boy in our arms.

It was easy to fall into thinking that we didn’t do enough today… like we should have had a party for James… we should have started more traditions… we should have acknowledged him more. It’s easy to feel like we’re forgetting him because we have a new baby in our lives who needs me every 2-3 hours… but I know in my heart that that isn’t true.

Today may be Baby James’ birthday, but this is not the only day that we celebrate his life and talk about him. We share about him constantly.  Sometimes I tell strangers about him even though I know that it’s a lot for them to hear… but I don’t care. When people asked me if I was pregnant with my first, I never say our second…. even though that would be the easiest thing to say. James’ life is still a part of our lives and will forever be a part of our story that we will share without hesitating.

Today, the four of us went down to visit James’ willow tree on the other side of our property with one balloon for his first birthday. I’m praying this tree lives for decades and I have told Michael we’re never leaving this house because of this tree!!!! :)  It was a sweet day full of the kindest messages from so many friends and family who wanted us to know that they still love and remember our baby.

Baby James…. Happy Birthday sweet boy. You would have been one today and even though our heart ache to have you here… doing all the things little one year olds do…. we rejoice that you are in the place we all ultimately long to be. We love you and we’ll never stop sharing your story.

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Thank you Aunt Emy for taking these!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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