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I love them! When I was little, I used to wear headbands and hair clips with HUGE cloth flowers on the side of them. In fact, there are several pictures lining our stairs of me and my sister wearing these large headbands.  We used to have “Sister” portraits done. Ya know,… matching dresses, matching shoes and matching HEADBANDS! The works! I used to think those hairpieces were so funny looking  but now that they are coming back in style…I’m starting to have a better opinion about them, especially when it comes to bridal hairpieces!

Hairpieces can be so incredibly CLASSY! I absolutely LOVE photographing brides that choose to wear them on their wedding day! No matter how large or small, hairpieces can change a bride’s whole “look”! This can be such a cheap and easy way to personalize your wedding day! I am happy to say that I will be wearing a cute little hairpiece on my wedding day! You can probably guess what it will look like! Yes, of course there will be peacock feathers!:) Here are some adorable hairpieces from some the recent weddings and portrait session that I have shot this summer!

Anna had hairpieces for some of her bridal party and I LOVED these little things!

xoxo, Katelyn
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