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that’s what we feel like!! Straight up gypsies! We’ve been staying at a different hotel the last three nights, living out of our rental car’s trunk and I even got ready in Target’s “Family Style” bathroom this evening! I locked the door and made it my own personal bathroom since we didn’t have time to check into our hotel before I spoke tonight. I changed, did my makeup and then plugged my curling iron in. The SCARY thing is that I placed the curling iron in the sink and while it heated up, I leaned forward to put on my mascara

and my movement triggered the automatic faucet and water started pouring all over my electrified curling iron!!! I quickly snatched the cord out of the wall and then realized that that would have been a horrible (and embarrassing) way to die!!  Luckily, no harm was done! After that minor fiasco, I met Michael at the car and we headed over to meet the Scobey’s to prep for the photog meetup that took place in Atlanta last night! Ashley and I met back at the P31 conference outside of Atlanta and I casually mentioned that I would be back around Atlanta for a wedding in the spring and she invited me to speak at their Smug group! Fun!

So that’s what we did! We spent yesterday morning visiting Samford with a sweet friend and then we drove back to Atlanta (see, gypsies I tell you!) to meet some of the SWEETEST photographers ever! We were greeted by such warm, welcoming faces in Atlanta last night and I feel so honored to have shared some time with these awesome people in our industry!! Here’s a mini group shot thanks to Brita Photography:):)

Have a great a great Tuesday everyone and get excited to see Josh and Amanda’s beautiful wedding tomorrow!! Here’s a little sneak peek!

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