The Greenbrier, West Virginia

  • Our First Vacation

bands of Irene were covering the whole bottom of the east coast and the red lines of doom that showed the projected path were not in our favor. Michael and I were supposed to spend last week in Boston and then in Maine. We tried to make it work. After flights were canceled and Irene was creeping up the coast, I made the suggestion that we just drive up to Maine… in a hurricane. Michael didn’t even respond to that one. I was disappointed that our plans were not working out but Michael was determined to plan a last minute vacation.  We had been looking forward to having a week of no emails, no phone calls and NO BLOGGING!

When you blog everyday, there comes a time when you need a break! I was at that point last week! So we packed the car, I tried to remember what my mom always checks around the house before leaving for a week and we were on our way! As we backed out of the driveway. I looked at Michael and shouted “Happy Vacation!!”.  It really seemed like a holiday to us! We left on a Monday and spent the next four days visiting family, friends and relaxing at the Greenbrier!We started our trip with a visit to Michael’s Aunt Susan’s house and then spent the next day with his Grandma in Charleston, WV. Then we headed to the Greenbrier to RELAX! I have pictures of everything, don’t you worry.


The Greenbrier is such a beautiful historic resort with amazing views of the West Virginian mountains. However, I like my favorite part were the TEAL walls in the lobby! While the decorating style of the Greenbrier isn’t necessarily my taste… it’s still beautiful! And so impressive! Michael and I walked in and I started snapping pictures!! Tons of them! Mirrors, chandeliers, old doors… I took pictures of it ALL! I was fun for me. When was the last time I took pictures for FUN?! Um…. I can’t even remember! Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that photography is my hobby too. It can very easily become just a JOB and that’s not cool! So vacation was full of pictures and I loved it. We sat by the pool, got a massage, ate great food and had fun exploring the GIGANTIC property of the Greenbrier.  We even went on a tour of the secret bunker that was built for congress during the cold war. That tour was ALL Michael’s idea…. history nerd. He enjoyed the bunker tour and I enjoyed taking pictures of teacups and mirrors… we’re even! So enjoy a little peek into our vacation! We’ll start with some pictures of Aunt Susan and Uncle Ed’s beautiful house! I’ve been visiting here since high school when Michael and I were dating and I have always LOVED it!

Can’t forget the dogs…. they’re a huge part of the family!


The pool!

My Favorite room! 

Now on to the Greenbrier!

Crazy bold colors!


Love this!


Classic Self Portrait:)

And another:)

On the way home we drove to Tech to see my sister and saw this at a gas station!! so cool!

Self timer on the car… nice.

Surprise visit with Emy!!

 And we have to include a few instagrams!



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