• Bev + Craig | Part I

I really haven’t been doing “Part I” and “Part II” posts this season because I love showing a full weddings in one post. But every now and then there are weddings where there are just too many images to show! If I fit all of my favorites that show off this wedding day in one post, it would be the BIGGEST wedding post yet! (And NO ONE would be able to load it!!) So, I am forced to do a “Part 1/Part 2” because I have so much to show you from this wonderful wedding! Bev and Craig are two of our best friends. We’ve known them for what seems like forever and this day has been one that I’ve been looking forward to for YEARS! As we sat around tables at their rehearsal dinner,

one by one, people stood up and talked toasted to their character, their integrity and their passion for the Lord. These two are the real deal and when two AWESOME people decide to get married and start a life together, you better believe it’s going to be an amazing celebration!!


From the moment Bev came down the stairs and saw her daddy, the tears were flowing….EVERYONE’s tears were flowing. It was beautiful and I have heard Bev talk about and anticipate this day for so long. She has prayed and prepared for the day when she would marry the love of her life and that day had finally come. The best part is that the love of her life is one of our good friends. I’ve known craig since I was in Middle School and so seeing his family, our families and all of our college friends at the wedding was like one HUGE reunion. Loved it!  Bev couldn’t have found a more amazing guy to spend the rest of her life with. These two are going to be living in our hometown and starting Young Life in our high school. They already have an incredible story and I can’t wait to watch the Lord write their story for years and years to come!


I’ll stop talking so much since I get to write about them again for PART II! Enjoy this beautiful gold and gray wedding. I LOVED their color choices. Bev is know for having awesome style and being so brave with fashion, so I knew their bridal party was going to look GOOD!!! Enjoy my favorites!!!


I love these ring shots, not just because the light is awesome but because they were taken on top of Bev’s handwritten vows:)

Thank you KATIE for shooting some of the guys!! AND for getting a shot of these awesome groomsmen gifts! 


Love these girls!


We took these so fast in order to stay on schedule and I didn’t realize how much I loved them until I uploaded them that night! BEV! You are the most radiant bride!

I was in tears…. along with everyone else in the room. One of my all time favorite daddy/daughter images.

Awww Craig you look good!!  Love the one on the right.

Here she comes!

Love the left shot! 


Love it! Thanks for trying something different you guys! 


Even the branches are masculine in these! So intense, I love it!

Love this random shot of Bev’s brother….he rocks the bowtie well:)

So many more to come! Stay tuned for Part II and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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