Graham’s Sixth Month

Half a year…. can you believe it? It feels like we were just bringing Baby Graham through the front door and Evy was trying to hold him constantly. We spent 6 months telling her no and now, she’s finally at a place where she can be left with him on the couch beside her and we’re not completely terrified of what she’ll try to do. He’s a big boy and she’s a strong girl. I feel like this month has given us glimpses into their relationship that will exist in the future. She runs up to him and he squeals. It’s my favorite new part of his personality!

Six months may be my favorite phase during the first year. I know I’ll probably say that about 8 months and 9 months too but there is just something so special about a baby who is 6 months old. I feel like I’m watching my little boy turn into a little person with personality and spunk and a voice! The amount of change that has happened from month five to month 6 is just unbelievable. My “new” baby seems to have disappeared and I have a sturdy, vocal, real-food-eating little guy instead of a newborn. This month was insane for us. We launched a massive project in the business, we finished shooting our weddings for the year, we did all the “fall” things and also maintained life at church and with our family. We’re tired but our lives feel so full of joy.

Here  are some six month memories that I want to remember:

  • Nursing is full of distractions right now….. hands in my mouth, trying to grab my hair and constantly trying to making sure he’s not missing  out on something going on around us.
  • His hair is really coming in…. he’s such a blonde!
  • He has been introduced to a lot of food but still  prefers anything smooth over anything with texture.
  • He’s been sitting up  since month 5 but this month he decided to PULL UP on a laundry basket and he instantly seemed older
  • He’s smiling and laughing  constantly, so much more than last month!
  • He really started solids this month.
  • He’s doing some baby-led weaning type of eating but the boy LOVES his pouches too so we’re kinda stuck in the middle
  • His first foods were banana, prunes, applesauce (his favorite!), sweet potatoe, pears and green beans
  • He gets frustrated in the highchair some days and just throws his arms up  and down with his panicked whimpers!
  • He doesn’t SCREAM, he “panic cries”…. not sure which is worse
  • He smiles with his eyes and his whole face really, I can’t get enough of him!
  • He spits up like it’s his job
  • He’s starting to really notice Harper and wants  to touch her constantly!!!
  • He seems  to have a sweet spirit and calm personality that is so different from how Evy’s big, bold  personality. I love seeing how God has made my babies so different!

So, in true mom-fashion, I feel like everything goes wrong as soon as it’s time for me to actually be in a picture! Am I right, mommas out there? We were attempting  to take  a “copy-paste” photo like Michael took with Evy when she was six months old  but it ended quickly when Graham decided to spew his lunch everywhere!!

Look at that precious boy!

I can hear his giggle here!

Last swim of  the year! So sad! 

“Hey, what’s the big blue thing?! ”

Friends from the farm!!

Oh my goodness…..

The state fair was a  good idea… until we waited for an hour and a half in line to get out of the parking lot! Evy had to pee on the side of road twice!

Living her BEST LIFE!

Yea…. WAY too  young for Putt Putt! haha

We get this face a lot….

Prepare yourself…  these next few are the best!!!

Harper! lol!

So thankful for these little people!

Once again….  how is his head so massive?

Costume day at Pre-school! …. yes we were  getting dressed in the parking lot!

Marshall and Chase!

Halloween! We had a crew from VeggieTales!  LarryBoy, Bob the Tomato, Junior Asparagus and  Madame Blueberry!

This post is a little out of  order but hey, at least it’s done! We went to see Aunt Sarah ride in her first Horseback Riding Competition and she won first place!

She was COVERED in dust and loved it!

Go Sarah go!

Oh Ev! haha She loves so hard!

Pumpkin Patch with our small group!

Love these people!

Ok…. out  of ALL of  our friends, no one said “Katelyn! Take the burp cloth out of your front pocket!!?”

Then we celebrated Daddy’s 30 years as Pastor at our home church! Corey and Emy spoke and I sang. Lots of tears… it was a good day!

Then we went  to Mimi and Grandaddy’s and Graham discovered baby dolls…. much to Harper’s dismay.

She was mad.

Then she lost her pants.

We love this sweet boy with his big head!

“What do you mean I have to share?!”

xoxo, Katelyn
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