Graham’s Fifth Month

This is my favorite turning point during the first year of development. The fifth month is when my baby starts feeling like a BABY and less like a newborn. He started doing so many amazing things in a matter weeks. It seemed like everyday I would notice something new and fun about him. Graham is our more chill child…. but he also has a habit of panicking. It sounds like a contradiction, right? He’s so observant and relaxed but when he does decide to get upset, it sounds like he’s hyper-ventilating! Evy would SHRIEK and he has a PANIC cry. I don’t think either type of cry is pleasant but it’s so interesting to see how different our kids are in the small and the big ways.

Now, I’m just going to warn you right now…. this post is massive. If you’re new here, you should know that  my blog is like my online scrapbook of our life. So, when I’m creating these blog posts, I’m thinking along the lines of “what do I want to remember” and not “how can I curate this perfectly”.  This post is overflowing with images and memories from our family’s 5th month with Baby Graham and it makes me wish that summer would last forever. This was a big month for all of us. Evy started school, Graham got a tooth, started sitting up and lost his hair. We made a lot of memories with so many different friends and we watched our little guy grow in amazing ways. Here are some memories that I don’t want to forget:

  • Graham’s cute newborn hair fell out except for a ring of dark hair around the back of his head….. so Mimi and I shaved it off. Eek! I was so nervous  about it  but I’m so glad that we did! It grew back so even and it looks 100x better  instantly!
  • He got his first tooth! His bottom right one!! The  second bottom tooth came in soon after the first!
  • He started sitting up during this month!
  • Sitting up makes him spit up more than anything! I’m terrified to hand him off to  anyone for THEIR sake!
  • Graham’s head is still massive
  • His new hair is BLONDE!
  • His eyes are still  BRIGHT blue!
  • He loves being tickled.
  • He laughs so loud when you “get him!”
  • He started on some real food! He’s not the biggest fan of sweet potatoes but he does love smashing them in his fingers.
  • Evy still calls him Baby “GAM”
  • Evy still hugs a little too tight
  • Graham isn’t sleeping like he used to but it’s not awful. He wakes up once during the night  and I realize it could be worse…. however, we also know that it can be so much better  so we’re really working on that!

Here are some of my FAVORITE pictures from life during Graham’s fifth month! They may not all include him but it shows what we were up to!!

We’re realizing….Harper is a HAM!

Graham is terrified!

We love this place so much! Even though it’s A LOT of work to get our crew there.

I just realized that Evy is swimming in her underwear. LOL.

All of the grandbabies!

This was the  month where his hair really fell out except for a band of dark patchy hair  on the back of his head… so we shaved it  off! And it grew back EVEN … and BLONDE!

Self-feeding life jackets!

The most FAKE smiles I’ve ever seen!

Happy birthday grandaddy!!!

Their  new favorite way to get out energy.

And then when we call their names, they act like they’re asleep!

Labor day with friends!

One of my favorites!

Covered in chalk!

Look at Evy’s smile… oh my goodness.

Harper! hahahaha

Oh  Evy…. she tries so hard to love him… it’s just a little too much.

And she’s totally oblivious to it all….

She likes to write in her “journal” like momma does!

She’s so sweet and so feisty!

Morning smoothies with Mimi!

We had a pool and pizza night for Nexus volunteers from our church!

We’re in this phase….

And this phase…..

Micah said “KK, take a picture of me and my momma”. What a dream. Not sure what  made him do it but I wish Evy would try it! ha!

Evy is still in an aggressive hugging phase….

xoxo, Katelyn
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