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There are just some things in life worth writing down and remembering.  Somethings are good, some things are bad…. but most of the time, when I look back on the bad things that I write down… months from now, they seem funny to me. So I’m sharing some GOODTHINGS and a few things that make me cringe at the moment. If you have no clue what a “GOODTHINGS” post is about, I got the title from Martha (Stewart). I like to use her first name as if we are best friends. She has a “GOODTHINGS” article in all of her magazines that share fun, good little things in life. So I’ve been doing GOODTHINGS posts for 3 years



but recently I’ve neglected this category on the blog!! I think it’s been neglected because there have been SO many weddings to show recently!   So Here we go! Some GOODTHINGS…..


1. BRIDES THAT GIVE GIFTS for no apparent reason! Really?! How awesome can these girls be?! It’s THEIR WEDDING DAY and they give me a GIFT?!! Do they know that my love-language is GIFTS? Steph gave me a Kate Spade fashion ring on her wedding day and I flipped out! She’s just too much! I love my brides and I think the world of them. Thank you for being so unbelievably kind!!


2. SYTYCD : If you don’t know what that stands for, you are obviously not a dedicated fan like Michael and I! “So You Think You Can Dance” has dominated our Wednesday and Thursday nights this summer and we LOVE it! Melanie is going to WIN!! I just know it!!!


3. PINTEREST! So when I created the “Designbook” on my blog, it was before Pinterest was a social media phenomenon! I think they stole my idea…. j/k. I love pinterest and I think it’s a GENIUS way to collect inspiration! I thoroughly enjoy it!!!


4. SURPRISE TRIPS TO THE SPA!! After a LONG week in Missouri on a mission trip, Michael and I took last Tuesday off and he asked me if we could go out to lunch and it was going to be a surprise.  Since we eat out WAY too much, I didn’t think anything of it. We walked around Short Pump Mall and headed towards Cheesecake factory and I immediately started thinking “Will I get Four Cheese Pasta or BBQ Chicken Pizza? Or will I get the Salmon and go all out?! Hmm….”.  Welll, we walked RIGHT PAST the factory and I’ll admit I was a little disappointed! Instead, Michael led me up the stairs and into the Red Door Spa. Whhhhaaaaatttt?!! YES!!!! We both got massages and I was in heaven!! Then we ate at Cheesecake factory and finished our day with a stroll through Pottery Barn.  My husband should win an award for that day of awesome-ness.





Now, some NOT so great things:


1. DRIVING SCHOOL, I got a ticket for turning right on red and they have since changed the law…. now it’s perfectly fine to turn right on red at Pump and Broad! UGHHHHHH.


2. HACKERS: Yes, the blog had some unwanted visitors recently…. from RUSSIA. NOT COOL.


3. GOOGLE: I love Google, but Google kinda controls the world and it’s scary.


4. LUCKY: Lucky is my family’s Springer Spaniel who came to visit this weekend and pooped in the house… not just in the house… in my OFFICE!!! AHHH!!!!! We will be waiting on a puppy a little bit longer.



xoxo, Katelyn
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