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This may seem like the most random post EVER but I love sharing random things about my life, even if they make me seem a little abnormal.  Like the fact that I just pulled ALL of my summer clothes down from the attic, expecting to find something to wear.  Nope. EVERYTHING is wrinkled beyond recognition. I obviously need to take a laundry folding class. It’s a little ridiculous. With the exception of ONE shirt, I still have nothing to wear! This shirt I found is supposed to be wrinkled!! (I think)  It’s flowy and beachy…. It’s perfectly fine if it’s wrinkled, right?


Anyway, the other item worthy of blog praise is this AMAZING gift I received from one of my bridesmaids this weekend! I receive facebook links, twit pics and emails from people literally every other day with cute peacock details! I LOVE it! People are getting so into this “vintage peacock” theme and it’s so exciting! Well, Jessie told me she had found this a while ago but I had totally forgotten about it until she gave it to me this weekend! Look at my PEACOCK PEN! I LOVE IT!!!! How fabulous is this going to be on the guest table?! I can hardly stand it! Thanks so much Jess!!!


Enjoy your Monday and this AMAZING weather ( if you’re a fellow Virginian of course!)

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