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You’re probably thinking… “Aw, poor Katelyn, she has nothing better to blog about than carbonated water and chapstick?!”. Ha! Well, that’s exactly not true. I’m actually really excited about this post and I have wanted to share some of my good finds for a while! Have you ever found a product and loved it so much that you had to share it with a friend?! My sister and I do that all the time with beauty products! Well here are 4 products that I have come to LOVE recently!! I can’t take any credit finding these items on my own! Now I can’t take credit for finding any of these items!

I learned about these products from my sister and my friends Jill and Emily! So let me explain why each product is AWESOME!

1. PERRIER LIME SLIMCANS: I’ve been cutting back on Soda…. like really cutting back. If I want to treat myself, instead of having a of having a half pound of cheesecake, I’ll have a diet coke. I miss it that much! But Perrier Lime in the Slimcans somewhat reduces my longing for that carbonated poison! I’ll admit, it’s not a lovely taste… but it’s not awful and I’m growing to love it more and more. The fun part is that it’s just water with carbonation and it doesn’t have aspartame in it!! If you’re trying to kick a soda habit, you’ll either love this or you’ll absolutely hate it! haha I’m leaning more on the “loving it” side thanks to Jill!! She introduced me to these little guys last weekend!

2. MAC LONGWEAR CONCEALER: Jill also told me about Mac Longwear Concealer. I had been using a crappy concealer for years. It was just awful. I knew I wanted something different that looked more natural and this was the perfect switch! I love this stuff! I’m just sad it’s so expensive. :( To me, it’s worth the investment and I have noticed a huge difference in how my concealer holds up!

3. BURTS BEES TINTED LIP BALM: Anyone not a fan of lipstick or sticky gloss?? You will LOVE this! It’s tinted chapstick and it’s awesome! It’s like wearing lipstick only not as intense! My sister introduced me to this and I’m loving it!! They come in all different shades and you can find them at Target, Walmart, CVS, etc.

4. BUNCHOFARMERS STAIN REMOVER STICK: After a recent workshop, I was cleaning up our bedroom and bathroom (where the models get ready) and I noticed that there was a little whoopsie on the bench at the end of our bed. It’s totally my fault because I didn’t cover anything but the carpet! So I called Emily and asked what she recommended I should use to get red lipstick out of fabric and she stopped by with this STICK! It’s magical!!! It worked instantly and it’s all natural! I have no idea how it pulled that deep red from the bench but it did! You can’t even tell!! Amazing!

xoxo, Katelyn
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