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me that other day that “You haven’t done a “Good Things” post is SO LONG”. Well, apparently Michael likes those posts… or maybe he just likes consistency (which is KEY to blogging well). Either way, I’m thankful for his input and I decided to blog about some “Good things” that have become great BRAND BOOSTERS!  When I say “Brand Boosters”… I’m talking about things that people notice and say “Ohh that’s cool, is that your logo!?” or  “How did you find that in your shade of TEAL?!”.  Did you know I have my own shade of TEAL? Everyone talks about TEAL like I own that color…. and I would like to think that I do.

It’s been my favorite color since my freshman year of college and I’m very dedicated to it! My whole BRAND is dedicated to it! So here are some examples of teal brand boosters… The best example would be my iphone case. I ordered this custom case from a few months ago and I have been so happy with it! And people LOVE it! I really didn’t expect for it to be such a hit but evidently it’s really cool to have your own logo on your phone case! Who knew?! It’s great! It starts conversation AND makes you look totally profesh. (Can’t believe I just used that abbreviation). So that definitely deserves to make it into a “Good Things” post!

The second item is a custom stamp!  I ordered this stamp through and it’s so much fun to use! It’s one of those “business expenses” that was totally unnecessary but I love it! It’s quite fun to stamp everything I see with a metallic silver “K” logo!

Last but not least, this may be my favorite of them all, we found TEAL LEASHES!!! I’m tempted to buy our new puppy an embroidered sweater with my logo and call him my MASCOT!!! Trust me, he’s THAT cute! We can’t wait to get him! (Can you tell I’m excited?! I talk about him every time I BLOG!) So happy Tuesday and enjoy this chilly day Virginians, it finally feels like winter around here!!:)

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