• Tyler + Katie | Engaged Part 1

many of you know by now… we’re currently in Alaska!! Anchorage to be exact! We flew up here to visit friends and to shoot an engagement session for a couple that we love to pieces! Sadly, our trip is coming to an end soon but this is just the BEGINNING of the excitement for you guys!! I think I have about a WEEK’S worth of images to share and you’re going to love them all!! I’m just beside myself with excitement! I rarely proclaim that I have any “favorite” wedding or engagement shoot because I don’t want to show favoritism and be unfair… but I’m going to go ahead and admit that this has been my favorite engagement session to DATE!

And you’re about to see why!! It’s one thing to visit Alaska… it’s another thing to visit Alaska with friends that LIVE there and know the area… it’s a WHOLE OTHER WORLD to do all of that AND get to shoot an ongoing engagement session while you explore glaciers together! What. a. DREAM! Michael and I flew in last Tuesday night and we were off on our adventure on Wednesday morning. Katie asked if it would be ok to do two days of shooting since there were so many location options and while that’s not standard… I didn’t hesitate to make an exception because lets be serious, Alaska is worth it!!! And so are they! Tyler and Katie have such a beautiful relationship and we couldn’t be more excited about their wedding!! I grew up with Katie. She’s a bit younger than I am but I have always known that she is wise beyond her years and when it came for her time to get married, she would find an amazing man… and she did! Tyler is her perfect match!  They make an incredible pair and even though you can’t actually see them interact in real life, you’ll be able to see just how awesome they are together in their pictures!!!

Now before you scroll through, you have to know just how epic this shoot was! We shot this portion of the shoot on and around a GLACIER! Yep, that’s right, a GLACIER!! Not only was the glacier surrounded by gorgeous Alaskan mountains but was also the most AMAZING natural reflector I have ever used! So if you’re looking through these images and you’re wondering how they are so evenly lit, that’s the secret! We all just need to carry around glaciers in our back pocket for our shoots! Easy enough right?! :)

These glacier engagement pictures will forever be some of my absolute favorites! They represent so much to me… a dream vacation, getting reconnected with old friends and photographing a very patient couple all over the place!! Everywhere I looked, I saw something I wanted to shoot…. I just couldn’t help it!! And I’m happy to share that all of my last minute ideas turned into some of the most epic portraits!! Enough waiting… go enjoy these engagement pictures on a GLACIER!!!!  And tune in tomorrow for MORE! :) You know it’s going to be awesome if there is a “Part 2”!

Love this! 

Katie has the most GORGEOUS ring!!!!

Seriously?! Look at that VIEW! 

Love this one!

Do you see how I could have spent ALL DAY doing this!? It was amazing!

Oh Katie, you’re such a PRO!

In case standing ON a glacier wasn’t awesome enough…. they took some engagement pictures INSIDE of a glacier as well! I mean, why not?! It was awesome!!!

I just kept saying to myself…. “This is AMAZING!!!” Not only was the location crazy awesome, the light was incredible too! 

Loved this spot! 

Part two coming soon!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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