Girl Time.

  • Girl Time.

Every Sunday, the Middle House sets aside time for “House time”.  It’s just us girls on Sunday nights.  We fix dinner and then hangout in the living room as we recover from always eating way too much! It’s awesome. We’ve slacked off a lot this semester due to super busy schedules but when it happens, it’s amazing and so refreshing.  I’ve been reminded so much recently of how much I adore the 5 girls I live with. It’s a rare occurence to find 6 girls that never get tired of living together! Usually, girls can be really hard to live with.  There is drama, competition and usually a ton of gossip that comes with a bunch of girls who are always together. I’m so happy to say that we don’t resemble that stereotype!!  I’ve been incredibly blessed with the women that have come into my life throughout my last four years of college and I’m going to miss them terribly. Every girl deserves an amazing group of girlfriends and I’m so thankful for mine!


Speaking of girl time and college roommates and awesome women…. stay tuned for another fun roommate shoot!! And if you think this one shoe shot is cute… you just wait!!

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