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met them on the busy streets of Georgetown last Friday and because we were early, we sat down and got to know one another a little bit! After just chatting with Nik and Lindy for a few minutes, I knew I loved them! We share a similar love story, mutual friends AND Nik is a Diet Mountain Dew fan. That’s always a plus! :) When I asked them about how long they have been dating, they laughed and just said “A LONG time”. They have us beat by a few years! Michael and I started dating when I was a freshman in high school and

Then we FINALLY got married after 8 years of dating! 8 years of dating is hard for anyone! We can totally relate to Nik and Lindy’s excitement about their big day! They only have to wait a few more weeks!! You’ll see these two again very very soon! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their wedding day. These two are PROS in front of the camera and they are so sweet, genuine and personable. I could have spent HOURS with them! :) Enjoy some of my favorites from their Georgetown engagement shoot and get excited for the WEDDING!! woohoo!

These were some of the very first images we shot… and they just rocked them! 

I just love Georgetown and its’ colorful doors!!!

guys just stop! Love this!!! 


a favorite!!

Just love this one!

Cannot WAIT for wedding day portraits with this girl!!:)

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