• Baby Gene

Gene…. I usually preface newborn posts with something like “I don’t normally do these” or “I’m more comfortable with weddings” because that’s the truth. Weddings are what I LOVE the most and I feel most comfortable when I’m shooting weddings.  This is so ironic because weddings are high-stress shooting situations and newborn sessions are  relaxed and a more slower pace. The house is warm, the baby is sleeping, the baby wakes up, the baby eats, the baby falls back asleep…. it’s a long process and every time I shoot a newborn session, I learn something new and I love that! …. During Gene’s session I learned that not all babies

enjoy being naked!  This poor little guy was not happy that we took his clothes off.  However, we managed to make the most of this session and I really love some of Gene’s images! He’s such a cute “sleeper” and every now and then I would catch a smile:).  These first images were actually taken as Gene’s mom was holding him in a blanket.  We had great light in their living room and she was wearing black so it was perfect! Enjoy some of my favorites! Micah and Gene… congratulations! You have a beautiful baby boy!

How cute is that?!


Aww… He’s a little upset but I still love this shot!

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