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In our house fruit is more than just a staple… it’s a can’t live without necessity!! My husband, Joe, will literally sit down with a spoon and eat an ENTIRE cantaloupe or watermelon in one sitting. ( I know, he has a problem!!) :) I also really LOVE fruit, but probably not to that same degree.

This summer I have enjoyed being creative with fruit and finding ways to  still have it in our diet without just consuming the entire thing at once by itself. I love adding fruit to breakfast creations and tasty sweet treats AND now to water too! Introducing part two of the fruit fusion water series…

the Melon Medley!!

In case you missed the first one, Strawberry Kiwi Mint, be sure to check it out! These fruit fusion water inspirations are so easy ANYONE can do them! They are quite possibly the most simple “fancy creations” on the entire planet!

For the Melon Medley, all you need are some melons, a melon baller, a little mint and a pitcher.. seriously, that’s it! And my favorite part, is you get a snack and drink in one… I love eating the fruit when the water’s gone!!

It’s pretty self explanatory but take the melons (in this case watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe) and cut in half, then use your melon baller to get as many small and medium sized fruit balls out of them as you can. Whatever you don’t use in your pitcher, save for later or use as a fruit appetizer for guests! Add the melons alternating with ice, water and a few mint leaves until the pitcher is full. And wallah!… you have part two of the fruity fusion water series served up and ready to go! This literally takes minutes to prepare but has high impact for cookouts and parties or just around the house on a warm summer day! Enjoy!


There’s one more fruit fusion drink for the summer so be sure to keep an eye out for it in August!

xoxo, Emily
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