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Lauren emailed us all the way back in the fall of 2017 about her anniversary session. I knew from the very beginning that this shoot was so important to her. She shared that she and James got married very young and now they were getting ready to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. Well, a lot of life happened for us after that email was sent and Lauren patiently waited until 2019 for her shoot. We met James and Lauren on Monument Avenue in downtown Richmond last Friday for their anniversary session and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!! Almost no humidity and it wasn’t blazing hot!

These two drove down from New Jersey for these pictures and I couldn’t have felt more honored that they made such a big trip! Not only was I honored that they drove over five hours for their shoot, but I also felt honored because Lauren is a photographer herself .  Her work is beautiful and it means so much that she would entrust these portraits to me!

As we walked down the streets of Historic Monument Avenue, we stopped in several places that could be mistaken as french backdrops. Even as I was editing these I thought “It seriously looks like we  took these in France!”.  I love this beautiful location but more than anything, I love getting a chance to work with amazing couples like James and Lauren! We could have talked to them for hours and it was sad when the sun set and their shoot came to an end.

This shoot was a joy and we loved every minute of it!!! Enjoy some of my favorites as you scroll below!

James and Lauren, you are the sweetest couple and it was an honor to capture this beautiful season of your life together!


xoxo, Katelyn
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