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There is nothing more rewarding than taking what we have learned over the last 9 years in business, teaching it to photographers and then hearing about their success stories!!! That’s why even though we’re technically still on “maternity leave”, one of our very first things that we’re doing is hosting a FREE CLASS ON POSING!!! You’re probably thinking that I’m going to be talking about chin tilts and arm angles but that’s not going to solve any real issues.

The majority of issues that photographers face when posing and directing their clients stems from a much deeper place. When you learn how to fix the foundational issues, everything starts to fall into place! Clients start to rave about their experience with you… you begin to surprise yourself with the amount of variety you have in your galleries and you never leave a session feeling overwhelmed, defeated and kicking yourself for only repeating two poses over and over again!

The free webinar is happening on Tuesday night 4/4 at 8pm EST!!! We’re so excited!!!


We’re excited about this because we’re going to be sharing……

– Learn our SECRET to creating comfortable clients within the FIRST 15 MINUTES of each SHOOT!

– What I SAY to our clients during shoots to ENSURE CONFIDENCE and avoid AWKWARDNESS!

– Learn how SIMPLE changes in your LANGUAGE & YOUR INSTRUCTION can TRANSFORM your client’s posing experience before your VERY next shoot!

– Why POSING is the #1 way to attract more clients and how it can also shut down your business if done poorly.

– How we MANAGE INSECURE BRIDES, and GROOMS who would rather be watching football!

– Our SECRET FORMULA for beginning our sessions with instant confidence & setting ourselves up to win!

– How to PREPARE your clients for their engagement session.

– How to continually stay vocal and provide GENUINE ENCOURAGEMENT.

– How to cut out CLIENT CONFUSION!

– The tools you need to avoid PANIC, and to pose PROFESSIONALLY & PERSONALLY! Never draw a blank again!


Whew! That’s a lot to pack into one hour! We hope you’ll join us!!!!!!

Ps. If you’ve never joined us for one of our free online classes, here are what people are saying!!! :

“THANK YOU  for not filling your classes with fluff! I actually learned so much from this!” – Jessica

“This class explained WHY I was never happy with my shoots and why I always felt uncomfortable!! I can’t wait for my next session!!”  – Lauren P

“SO glad I tuned it!!! This was exactly what I needed!!!!”  – Kate

xoxo, Katelyn
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