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What is ONE thing that made my business successful and professional from the very beginning? KNOWING INDESIGN!!! This program is very easily the most overlooked program by small business owners! If small business owners would take the time to get to know this program, they would be able to do SO MUCH for their business’s professional side! Indesign allows business owners to create their own blog graphics, flyers, instagram graphics and so much more! It also is the PREFERRED way to CREATE MAGAZINES, EBOOKS, PDF’s etc!!

So how do I use Indesign in my business? Well, have you ever seen my blog graphics on my Ask Anything series?  Or my Bridal Guide magazine that I give to brides when they book? Or ANY type of image with a text overlay?  ALL of these amazing projects and aspects of my business were created through InDesign! (Which is now more affordable than EVER before!! Click HERE for Creative Cloud plans or an Indesign FREE TRIAL!) You see….

I don’t need a designer……

… for all of my projects that include graphics. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t survive without Jen Olmstead’s amazing design skills on my website & blog! But the fact is, if I want to CONTINUE to be successful and promote a cohesive brand, I need to know how to CREATE for myself!! Jen can’t design a graphic for me EVERY time I need one for the blog or for instagram. This is why I’m SO thankful that I know how to use INDESIGN!!

Whether you’re trying to do a new blog series or create a great pinnable image with text or design a graphic for Instagram, you’re going to need InDesign! When I think back over the years and analyze what made my business look legit early on, it was the professional appearance in EVERY area of my business.  This all resulted from my knowledge of InDesign!!

So, since not every photographer or small business owner can have an internship like I had in college that teaches them the in’s and out’s of Adobe’s creative suite, I decided to create a tutorial! I’m going to share this TUTORIAL and a WEBINAR for FREE for anyone that wants to be able to CREATE Graphics, Ebooks, PDF’s, Flyers, Bridal Magazines, etc for their business!

InDesign takes AVERAGE and makes it EXCELLENT!

I want EVERYONE to enjoy the freedom of being able to make their business professional, creative and cohesive. From your Instagram feed to your Facebook cover photo and Blog graphics…. there are SO MANY REASONS to learn this program! It’s easier than you think!!! Join us and learn for FREE on our FIRST EVER SELF-HOSTED WEBINAR!!!! Ah!!! 

We’re so excited about this (and a little nervous! ANYTHING LIVE = NERVES…. always!) The webinar will be accompanied by a live chat as you listen and watch me walk through the basics of InDesign! Want to join us?! Details below!!!

– WHAT: Webinar & FREE Tutorial on the basics of InDesign w/ KJ!
– WHEN: Tuesday August 25th, 3pm EST 
– WHERE: Register for FREE in seconds right HERE!
– WHY: Because every small business deserves to look amazing online!

**If you missed the Webinar, CLICK HERE to view the replay of the FREE INDESIGN TUTORIAL!**

PS!!! The BIGGEST thank you to the AMAZING Shay Cochrane who created these gorgeous stock photos! You HAVE to visit her shop, people!

xoxo, Katelyn
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