Photographers…. don’t we just love the “glow”? It’s the best! When the sun is low and the light is golden, it’s a recipe for perfect portraits. However, it’s not always easy to find the EXACT angle or the EXACT approach to the light to get the look the look that you want. If you’re angled too far in one direction, your image will be too hazy. If you’re angled too far in the other direction, you’ll have harsh light hitting your client’s face. It’s a very delicate balance!! It can also be a very frustrating balance. I don’t know if there is anything MORE frustrating during a shoot than KNOWING you could have incredible images but not knowing how to get them!

While I can’t teach every solution to these issues in one blog post, I thought I would share ways that I found myself controlling the light during the end of Chris and Emma’s Engagement session! The light was low and glowy. It looked beautiful but it wasn’t super easy to control. Everything from where I placed them in the grass, to how much of the shade they were in, to the angle I am from the sun and my clients played into the final result that I wanted!! Enjoy watching this snippet from our most recent KJ All Access episode!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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