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Brendan before I knew Jenna. Brendan was the sweet guy next door that was always looking out for us girls. Like every year at college, the new freshman arrived and new faces began to pop up here and there. Jenna was one of those new faces. I met her and I loved her immediately. Throughout the following year, Jenna’s best friend Rachel started talking to Garrett and so naturally, Jenna started hanging out at the guys house too! I remember seeing her and Brendan sitting together one day in the living room and the thought crossed my mind “Oh now THAT would be cute! They’re both GINGERS!!!”.

I immediately realized how shallow that sounded. Of course two people wouldn’t date just because they share the same HAIR color Katelyn!  However, the more I saw them together, the more I realized that they shared more than just their ginger hair. They really would make an AWESOME couple!! So they started dating and I’m pretty sure Michael and I… and probably Rachel too…. were their biggest fans! I remember Michael and I praying with Brendan before he asked her out and now, a couple of years later, we’re taking their engagement pics!!! WOOHOO!! Michael and I just love these two and we’re so SO excited for them! I just makes my heart happy to see them together and so happy!! Brendan and Jenna… or “Brenna” as some like to say… We love you!! We cannot WAIT for August and we’re still your biggest fans! Michael and I can’t wait to have another awesome couple join the “Old Married People’s” club!!! xoxo

I will never stop loving old, dilapidated buildings!!

You guys are just too cute! Love this! 

Oh ok!

Jenna you’re gorgeous girl!!!

Ha! No idea what they were laughing at… maybe the cacti that were stuck to my flats?! Whatever it was, it made for a great picture! 

Love these….


I’m so sad the blossoms are almost gone! They’ve treated me well this year!

So cute…


Another fav!

xoxo, Katelyn
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