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is this?! A Orange Blossom themed wedding? Love it. Before I show you these images I need to explain myself. I was NOT shooting this wedding, Michael and I flew down to Florida to ATTEND this wedding for our sweet friends, Ryan and Jess. Michael worked with a ministry in North Caroline called Crossroads for a year and he lived in a house with 4 guys, 4 girls and house parents. It was am amazing year for him. Not only did he grow and discover his love for ministry and kids and community… he also made some incredible friendships.  Jess was one of his housemates and since they

both share a love of sarcasm….they immediately became best friends. It’s so awesome to be reunited with these amazing people…and this usually happens at weddings!  This NC crew drove up for OUR wedding in October …Jess even drove up for our surprise ENGAGEMENT party the day Michael proposed! So of course we were going to Florida for their wedding! We wouldn’t have missed this day for anything. It was beautiful. I was in love with their theme and Jess’s details were so fun. I found myself shooting detail shots for no apparent reason and I immediately became embarrassed. I gave Michael a look that said “I just can’t help it!”.  When I see wedding details its habit to start taking pictures. Maybe that’s because I know how much time and effort went into EVERY aspect of the planning and if I was the bride…. I would want some awesome pictures to remember my hard work.


Attending Ryan and Jess’s wedding was such a GOOD thing for me. I realized 3 things: 1. I LOVE weddings…. everything about them!  2. It’s extremely hard to see a gorgeous bride and groom and NOT want to chase them down the street to get some awesome portraits…..I’m’ not crazy, I promise. and 3. Every photographer should attend a wedding and see it from the other side. Even if it’s just once a year…. it was so good for me and it really helped me gain a different perspective. I had NO responsibilities! I was just supposed to show up and celebrate!!!


Michael and I loved our little mini trip to Winter Garden, FL but I have to say that our most memorable part of the trip would have to be catching our 7:00am flight WITH the bride and groom the next morning. No joke. We had booked the SAME exact flight as Ryan and Jess and so as we headed to Las Vegas for WPPI, they were on their way to Banff, Canada for their HONEYMOON!! Good thing we’re close and that flight wasn’t awkward at all. Ryan and Jess are two amazing people and we couldn’t be happier for them! So enjoy some shots from the wedding I didn’t shoot………kinda.


I’m sharing this post on Wedding Wednesday because I ADORE their THEME and how it was carried out throughout ever aspect of their planning! Take a look at a screenshot from their website (their invitations were very similar to this as well! So great!)

Ryan and Jess were married in the Garden Theater in the little town of Winter Garden and you can find out why I love it so much HERE.

Family bluegrass band:)

Haha… love that last one. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kelly! We hope to see you two soon!!! Come visit Richmond!!


To see Ryan and Jess’s REAL wedding pics, visit here!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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