Jack + Haleigh | Engaged

  • Destination Engagement Portraits | Florida's Lake Louisa State Park

I feel like this all happened so fast! One minute I’m getting to hug these two in real life at our LIVE event that we hosted for our Business Collection students in December and the next, we’re booked to shoot their destination wedding and I’m hopping on a plane to Florida to take their engagement photos! How exciting! Jack and Haleigh are the sweetest couple that we connected with during our year-long Business Journey experience that we hosted for over 600 photographers! Haleigh was one of our students who didn’t just watch the course content but she dove in and gave it her all.

The results of her hard work are a growing, thriving business and I couldn’t be more proud!! I actually had a chance to Facetime with her to hear about her success in the fall of  2019 and this is when I first encountered her sweet, calming and kind personality. She shared with me not only her business success but also her personal story. Her amazing father has been battling cancer and the changes she’s made in her business are allowing her to be there for him in way she wasn’t able to before. She’s one of her father’s main caregivers and her deep love for him evident within just a few minutes of talking with her.

When she emailed me letting me know that she was engaged and that they were planning an epic destination wedding, my first thought was about her dad. No matter how he’s feeling when her wedding day arrives, capturing them together is going to be one of the  greatest honors for me! I’m so humbled that I get to fill that role.

This shoot couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m bummed we didn’t get to film it for KJ ALL ACCESS because it was in conjunction with a family vacation and we would have had to have brought BOTH kids (yikes!)…. but I AM thrilled with final  images! They are even better than I thought they would be when I glanced at them on the back of my camera and I cannot WAIT to share them!

Jack and Haleigh, thank you for doing a ridiculous amount of walking, nuzzling, and following my many instructions! Thank you for not judging me when I squealed like a  small child when the glow was just right! When you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see why I couldn’t contain my excitement! Enjoy my favorites and I can’t wait for this summer to get here!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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    Well these are just GORGEOUS! LOVE the locations and what a cute couple!!

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