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a lot of things that run through a bride’s mind on her wedding day. Is everyone where they need to be? Is the cake going to show up? Is my hair ok? Are we on schedule?! Did I forget something?! It’s a lot of stress. The LAST thing she needs to be worrying about is “WHERE ARE WE GOING TO TAKE PICTURES?!!”. So this post helps give a little insight about what the role of a photographer should be when prepping for portraits on the wedding day.  If you’re a bride, take a deep breath because your job just got a lot easier!!  If you’re a photographer, this is just a reminder of how we can and SHOULD serve our clients on their wedding day!


Here are some things to remember when watching this video:


– I talk too fast… and words sometimes get blurred together. Basically I create my own little “mumbling” language!


– Just because I say brides don’t need to worry about locations doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t plan at ALL.  I have some brides that have chosen venues JUST for the sake of portraits and that’s AWESOME!!! But when it comes to individual locations to use the day of, leave that to the photographer! They’ll take care of you!


– Photographers I have a post coming about pre-visualization and planning wedding day portraits! I’m hoping it will be super helpful!


– My hair is a MESS!


xoxo, Katelyn
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